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Business development

 Projects that we manage in Emerging Markets

  • Offer registration dossier of generic and development products [list available upon request]
  • Look for licensing partners for Ph.III products to invest in the project
  • Look for licensing partners for biotech products approved in US and EU but not in target territory
  • Acquisition of target products for companies in various territories
  • Offer licensing rights of products with sales on the market [look for alternative partner]
  • Look for licensing or distribution partners for products approved in Asia and under registration in other territories

 How do we introduce new products in the territory?

  • Assess the dynamics of the reference market of the products and issue of a report outlining commercial and regulatory aspects (requirements and timing), including a first screening of potential partners [this takes around 3 months]
  • Identify and select the most appropriate commercial partner in each territory for a given product in order to maximize sales potential, looking at possible synergies between partners and products [fit in portfolio]
  • Conduct and/or facilitate negotiations with potential partners to ensure that opportunities meet partnering objectives and that Heads of Agreement are signed in a reasonable time.
  • We do the follow-up of the project up till the launch of the product and further monitor the performance in the market place
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